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Kung Fu Panda : Roof Collapsing

At the end of the production on the movie, production give a nice chalenge. I need to create a serie of shots of a roof collapsing.

Story board on this shots need have a pass of animatic do work on the choreography. So I build the animatic animating the characters, a low resolution on the collapsing roof and the camera. It’s always interesting ans more efficient to involve effect very early on key shoots. This save time because, we know quickly what’s development need to be done.

This roof have more than 2000 tiles, so hand animation wasn’t a plan :-) I create a Mel script to control the shaking, motion, sliding regrading the bottom structure how was hand animated. A bake low resolution version around the characters was sent to animation.This tiles motion create dust and secondary debris.


6 June 2008
Dreamworks Animation SKG / Paramont Pictures