Dreamworks at 14mm

I’m currently CG Sup a movie at Dneg. I can’t tell what’s will be my first project, but I will keep you posted soon as I can.

A few months ago, I finished working on Dune at Dneg as an FX supervisor. My role is to supervise an FX team of up to 30 artists on a project.

At Framestore, I was the lead effect on Blade Runner 2049. I developed Houdini rigs, supervised the fx team, and did shots. It was an enriching experience.

At Weta Digital, I worked on BFG as an Effect lead & developer of the dream trap in jars present in various sequences.

Previously, I worked at Dreamworks Animation in Glendale, California (8 years). On “How to train your Dragon 2”, I was an Effects Lead and the developer of the “Ice Blast System”. The system is used in many shots by different artists. This system uses a semi-procedural/simulation approach.

I also have experience in the advertisement where I was multitasking from CG Artist to supervising on set, in Barcelona (Spain)

I have a solid background in technical skills and have the privilege to have developed strong artistic abilities. As a photographer, I have built a sharp eye and it is easy for me to see quickly the full picture asides from my shots. I am a good team leader, and I am very comfortable working on my own from an animatic to the final shot. I have very good interpersonal skills and problem-solving is like second nature, I have a passion for overcoming challenges.

Quadra portrait

I’m an autodidact FX artist. I was born in France. My work gave me the opportunity to discover different places and cultures: Barcelona (Spain), Montreal (Québec), and now Los Angeles where I live and work in the movies industry.

I have also learned by myself the art of photography. I’m instinctive. I have a sense of feeling the Magic coming from the light at a right moment. Being compulsive, I have to capture the moment, that gift of Mother Nature, before it disappears forever or just transforms itself into another mystery.

However Light can also become a trap, an easy fancy way… an addiction. My quest is to learn how to capture the essence of the moment without falling into the light’s trap. This is a fascinating journey full of questions and difficulties, it is also extremely rewarding.

I screen everything that surrounds me, a forest fire, the rain in the a desert, a foggy atmosphere, the Joy of a kid, the pride of an homeless or even my own physical wounds. Never miss an opportunity had become my Mantra.