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Shrek 4 : Wall Destruction

On Shrek 4, I created the wall mud destruction when Shrek try to enter on his home inside the alternative reality.

For outside, the destruction was just starting, the request of the director was to see cracks on the mud wall. In Maya, I created curve on surface, associate this curve with locator to trigger the crack base on distance to impact. On this curves I scatted particles. The particle’s radius was change base on locator impact. This particles was used ass displacement. I painted 3 pictures for create the face of the crack. Secondary debris and dust was created base on radius change.

For the inside, the mud wall was chunk in part using particles and voronoi noise in Houdini. In Maya, 5 nurbs surface use for control deformation and destruction. The piece of mud was attch to a surface bass on deep location. Blastcode and custom MEL script was use to control the destruction. Dust and debris was created when the piece was separate.Secondary debris was scatter on the final mud wall and release when the hole was created.


21 May 2010
Dreamworks Animation SKG / Paramont Pictures